In fall 2020, as my husband studied and cataloged hundreds of public documents and I made phone call after phone call, not a day went by that we didn't say, "You can't make this s*** up!"

"After today and this list of questions [about plastics contamination] the preference is that questions are funneled through the RCAB s.tax/infrastructure subcommittee of which Darla [Arians] will attend and ideally answer questions in person."

Tim Broderick, 2/19/20

"Erie can be pretty loud"

            Susie Strife, 10/9/20

"on face value the content looks to be traffic study manipulation . . . I'd associate those tactics with a 3rd party developer" 

                               CDOT permits manager, 1/4/21

The process and how one could reasonably ask: Why bother?

Although Rainbow Nursery still belongs to the Open Space division, Boulder County Public Works Department was the applicant. The Boulder County Community Planning and Permitting Department was the reviewer. The Boulder County Planning Commission was to make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners who were the final decision-makers. This process was arguably an enormous waste of public funds, considering that two of the commissioners, whose terms ended January 2021, were heavily involved with the project. For example, at an RCAB meeting in October 2019, former commissioner Deb Gardner "explained the BOCC [Board of County Commissioners] gave direction to staff to continue to pursue rainbow nursery" (on file).

It's not just you - the entire town of Erie had never heard of RCAB

There are so many questions about the Resource Conservation Advisory Board. If it's been around since 2002, why are there only published minutes and agendas since 2017? How can there be two employees of Eco-Cycle on RCAB when there's only supposed to be one representative per entity? How had none of the Erie trustees ever heard of Erie's representative? How could Suzanne Jones be the executive director of Eco-Cycle, mayor of Boulder, and sister of a commissioner simultaneously and no one though that was a conflict of interest? There are so many questions about this Board that was making decisions about spending our tax dollars. 

Why Eco-Cycle is engaging in greenwashing Suzanne Jones, Dan Matsch

Prior to 2017, Eco-Cycle had an extremely favorable contract with Boulder County; it promised that if Eco-Cycle went into the red, BoCo would bail it out (on file). In 2017, with the recycling market plummeting, Boulder County sought bids from other companies for its recycling for the first time. Eco-Cycle was facing a threat to its existence and composting became Eco-Cycle's best hope. As expected, Eco-Cycle won the new contract (on file). Among other favorable components is a $2.7 million guarantee regardless of how Eco-Cycle performs.

The commissioners were impartial - right? 

The minutes of an RCAB meeting on 10/23/19 state, "DG explained the BOCC gave direction to staff to continue to pursue rainbow nursery, and to get more certainty around cost and other factors. SJ asked DG to keep us posted on how RCAB can be useful to this process (e.g. building public support and passing public regulation)."

DG: then-commissioner Deb Gardner

BOCC: Board of County Commissioners

SJ: Suzanne Jones, RCAB member, executive director of Eco-Cycle, mayor of Boulder 2015 - 2019, sister of then-commissioner Elise Jones