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The county only told twelve homeowners about the project. The most important thing we could do was get the word out.


As we all educated ourselves about this impending disaster, more and more neighbors took to social media. I called the tip hotline at Denver 7 and one of my beloved friends connected me with Shaun Boyd at CBS4. While I couldn't get much traction with the Daily Camera, other news outlets started covering the story. Yellow Scene and the Lefthand Valley Courier began their in-depth investigations and both have released two articles so far. We're so grateful for all the attention to this outrageous story and expect to see more as the drama continues.  

CBS4's Shaun Boyd begins her investigation

CBS4's Shaun Boyd pries the lid off 2/19/21

CBS4's Shaun Boyd continues challenging the county 3/4/21

A neighbor, Kit Wagner of Cutting Edge Tree Care, contacted Yellow Scene. YS is writing a three-part story about the project. I'm  extremely impressed and grateful to the writer, Laurenz Busch, and the publisher, Shavonne Blades, for the enormous amount of research that have already gone into the first two. This is a great service to our community. Please consider supporting Yellow Scene!

Yellow Scene Magazine, Part 1, is a great overview of the issues:

Pattie Logan of the Lefthand Valley Courier has also covered the story very thoughtfully, including her beautiful photography.

Pattie Logan revisited the story after the commissioners voted to withdraw the Special Use Review Application. It's frustrating that Matt Jones sounded like a hero for saying "that's not what Open Space lands are for when he was an enthusiastic proponent of the project.

The third story acknowledges the County's continuing stance that the perpetual conservation easement on Rainbow was extinguished.