"I feel like we were all lied to."

Erie Mayor Jennifer Carroll

"The lack of transparency on this is sickening."

Erie trustee Brandon Bell

"There can be nothing but pollution that comes to this land now. It is Open Space. To put anything there is pollution."

Erie trustee Gibb

"I am offended at the lack of fiscal accountability and transparency to the Boulder County taxpayers, particularly those of us in east county." 

Erie trustee Sara Loflin

On its website for the project, Boulder County published a list of facilities similar to the one it planned for Rainbow. Our research into those facilities revealed that they were not similar at all. In fact, there aren't any in the country - facilities of this size and scope so close to local communities. It is also clear that facilities like this have been plagued with complaints about odor and pollution. More than a few multi-million dollar composting facilities have been shuttered.  

On February 9, 2021 the nearby Town of Erie held a virtual public meeting. The number of attendees maxed out the Zoom meeting and many watched on a separate channel. The mayor and trustees were uniformly appalled to learn the truth about the project: how enormous the facility would be and how sneaky the process was. They soon sent a letter of opposition to Boulder County and may pursue further action. 


Odors from composting facilities are notoriously awful, and the proposed technology has failed.

Water contamination

Rainbow hosts wetlands and a running stream, its groundwater sits five feet under the surface, and its eastern border is the Leggett irrigation ditch, which is used for growing food. Water contamination would be inevitable.

Air pollution

Bob Yost of A1 Organics reassured the team that air quality permits are not required for composting facilities in Colorado. That might reassure the team but not those living anywhere near the facility.

Danger on 287

Rainbow is on one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the state, at 60 mph with no traffic light. Siting the facility here demonstrates a surprising disregard for human life.


Open long hours six days a week, the grinders at this facility would torment neighbors and distress the sensitive horses living close to Rainbow's southern boundary. 

Devastation of property values

Thousands of people live within a few miles of Rainbow. All of these impacts would significantly reduce property values. In fact, rumors about the project have already impacted home sales.