Trying to wrap my mind around what Boulder County had planned for Rainbow, I came across the word "biosolids." My first google search returned an article in The Guardian entitled, "Mix human waste with toxic chemicals, then spread on crops." I looked out my window at Rainbow and what Boulder County was planning for us sank in. It was terrifying.

We are being poisoned, and Boulder County is once again an overachiever. 

"No magic happens when sewage sludge is pumped into a truck and carried away from the WWTP to be injected into or spread on agricultural soil or mixed with other things to make compost. As if a mile down the road, while the driver is listening to the radio, something miraculous happens in the back of his truck: you go from toxic sewage sludge liability to an organic biosolids benefit! That’s how good their PR has been."

Nancy Raine

In 1993, the EPA sponsored an elaborate PR program to promote sewage sludge as organic fertilizer, renaming it biosolids after facing public resistance to land disposal. In close cooperation with the EPA, a special interest group with regional affiliates, The Water Environment Foundation (WEF), began promoting “biosolids” as a soil amendment, compost, and fertilizer. Under various flags -- Zero Waste, Sustainability, & Carbon Sequestration – WEF’s entire focus is the manipulation of public opinion.

One of the most mind-bending aspects of this entire experience has been the local Sierra Club's endorsement of the project. In fact, the National Sierra Club strongly opposes "composting" sewage sludge for land application. I hope you'll read this recent report.