November 23, 2021

We are deeply grateful to Erin Brockovich and her executive editor Suzanne Boothby for acknowledging and lending credibility to our struggle here in Boulder County. 

Please check back as I update this website to reflect the ongoing fight against the land application of sewage sludge.

In 1994 Boulder County paid $169,000 of a new Open Space tax for a perpetual conservation easement on Rainbow Nursery.

In 2018 the County paid $985,00 for the property and declared that the conservation easement had simply ceased to exist.

We demand recognition of the conservation easement, return of our open space, and accountability in our government. 

We demand that Boulder County use reason, science, and public accountability in its fight against the climate crisis, not slogans and the pursuit of national status. 

It is time to reclaim our county.

This is Rainbow Nursery Open Space

5762 North 107th Street


This was Boulder County's plan for it

Our farm

Boulder County used Open Space funds to buy Rainbow Nursery, a 40-acre former tree farm under a conservation easement, voided the conservation easement, and plans to build a Class III composting facility on it. Blindsided, local residents scrambled to prevent this disaster from happening.

What we discovered was misconduct and incompetence on a breathtaking scale.


Conservation Easement

Boulder County promised to protect Rainbow's conservation values forever. 


Open Space

Boulder County used Open Space funds in order to build a commercial waste processing facility. 


Wildlife Habitat

Rainbow Nursery is a forty-acre puzzle piece of a vast wildlife and riparian corridor.

Erie CC.jpeg

Local impacts

An industrial composting facility would have significant impacts on the local community.



Obscure government committees and subcommittees with questionable membership and no records.



Pollution and destruction are promoted as good for the environment, using marketing slogans and pseudo-scientific terms. 


In the media

Boulder County's misbehavior has attracted extensive media attention. 


About us

Who we are and why our family filed a lawsuit against Boulder County.


Take action!

Help us hold Boulder County accountable to its promises and demand transparency!